We are attorney run and client driven. Our clients come to us for Texas title expertise. Whether researching mineral ownership and seeking surface waivers for a solar project, preparing a mineral ownership report for acquisition due diligence, or handling the field land operations for E&P, we strive to offer our clients expert services specifically tailored to meet their particular and unique title needs. Our purpose is to make sense of real property title and provide insights which allow our clients to operate and develop, regardless of industry. All of our title professionals are skilled, educated, and experienced.

We serve many different industries: Oil and gas, renewables, commercial real estate, environmental (oilfield waste disposal), legal, and more. Our client roster represents a broad array of industries whose practices intersect with real property title in some form or fashion. Ultimately, title is title, regardless of how one chooses to use it. If you have a land and title question or issue you need resolved, you are in the right place.