imageMilcon Land is a full service land brokerage. We specialize in offering our clients an integrated and sophisticated experience from start to finish. We utilize multiple technology platforms to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of communication from our client’s VP of land all the way out to our field land professionals. Everything about our clients’ project is available 24/7 to our team members via our secure Milcon Cloud Database to ensure that the entire team is always on the same page. Likewise, we do not waste time producing and reproducing repetitive reports, documents and forms. Our process flow is set up to be as efficient as possible with real-time editing and updating completed for all of our projects, documents and reports.

Our focus is on efficiency and accuracy. We strive to take time and money saving steps for our clients throughout their project’s evolution. For example, because we employ multiple attorneys as landmen, we are able to identify legal and title issues early in the project’s life and consult our legal professionals about appropriate resolutions on-the-fly. The net result of this integrated process of identification and correction of title irregularities is a great savings to our clients’ budget and perhaps more importantly, a great savings of time. Our goal is to be fast and accurate to enable our clients to do what’s important- complete productive wells with secure marketable title.

Depending upon the size of the entity, some of our clients require only narrow title services, while others desire for us to manage their land portfolio from top to bottom. We are happy to tailor our services to each client’s specific project and strategy needs. Milcon Land’s services include, without limitation

We are fast and thorough. We know our clients want to ascertain open acreage in a targeted field as soon as possible so they may decide whether to engage in leasing operations. We do our very best to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

The fundamental purpose of a runsheet is either to present all available title information to a title attorney for examination or to our clients’ leadership to inform their decisions. Regardless, we ensure each of our runsheets is presented in a neat, orderly and easy to read package to guarantee efficiency and ease of comprehension. Our licensed attorneys and senior landmen check over our runsheets to ensure proper sequencing, check for curative tasks that can be performed immediately, and to verify all related and referenced instruments appear to be present. Our digital and hard copy runsheets are always accompanied by streamlined flow charts to inform your research of the title and provide visual representation of numerous instruments.

We can produce high quality graphic representations of any segment of our clients’ oil prospect data. By utilizing our mapping services our clients realize an invaluable resource they may consult daily when referencing and establishing their oil and gas prospects. We have dedicated GIS map makers to serve all your mapping needs.

The objective in leasing should be more than simply “getting the land leased.” Simply “getting a lease” is often times not sufficient. We set ourselves apart from the competition because we always take the time to figure out everyone who needs to be leased. If an oil company neglects to give mineral interest owner identification the attention it requires, the consequences can be disastrous for a productive well. We take great pride in our ability to decipher convoluted mineral title chains and instruments of conveyance which often times cloud the interpretation of title. One of our real strengths lies in our experienced professional leadership and their ability to interpret the deeds, conveyances and estates that often delay full mineral title identification.

Whether our clients already have a field in mind, or they want us to generate a potential prospect for them to develop; Milcon Land and Miller Consulting adeptly work in concert to achieve our clients’ goals. We can research production records and simultaneously assess the title situation in the courthouse to put our clients in the driver’s seat in nearly half the time as their competition. With our parent company Miller Consulting’s vast Railroad Commission knowledge and data library, often times they are able to more accurately map historic wells and production than anyone else in the industry.

We have the experience and education necessary to efficiently assess the viability and accuracy of any merger and acquisition our clients’ have on the table. Since we have multiple landmen with formal legal training as well as senior title experts, we are able to efficiently assess the validity and accuracy of the title information underlying any acquisition.

Our team has years of experience in lease negotiations. We consider ourselves to be our clients’ best advocates and always strive to present a professional yet firm impression when negotiating and acquiring leases. When our clients need minerals leased, we are always confident that we can make the deal happen.

One of the ways we save our clients time and money at Milcon Land is by identifying and curing title issues during all phases of the land, leasing and title process. Our title experts and attorney-landmen are focused specifically on spotting title deficiencies and finding ways to save time and money by curing title as we go.

Similar to leasing, if our clients have an objective of identifying and acquiring minerals and/or royalties, we will present a professional and capable team of negotiators to achieve the client’s goals.

Whether our clients need in-depth research to verify an already-prepared runsheet, or simply needs a narrowly tailored abstract of title to inform a decision, we have the expertise to achieve the goal with efficiency and accuracy.

Right-of-Way title and acquisitions provide companies with the access they need to complete their projects. We are knowledgeable and experienced in federal, state and private right of way issues and procurement for oil and gas purposes.

Sometimes clients prefer to “farm out” some or all of their land department operations. Whether for tax purposes or due to size and infrastructure limitations, we will give the care and attention to our clients’ land administration needs and goals as though we were working on our own oil and gas projects.

We can accommodate any land, leasing and title needs a company may encounter. Other services we often perform include

  • Surface title research
  • Title irregularity identification
  • Seismic support
  • Asset management
  • Land administration support

Because of our direct affiliation with Miller Consulting, we are effectively a one stop shop for your title, production, research and regulatory needs. By contracting with Milcon Land for all of your land and title management needs and Miller Consulting for all of your regulatory, research and consulting, you may rest assured that your project will be on track, on time and on budget. Our clients who utilize both of the Miller entities find a tremendous time and money savings due to our ease of communication and integrated leadership processes.